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Product Environmental Compliance (PEC) Solutions
Welcome to GCG, a leading global provider of Product Environmental Compliance
(PEC) Solutions. Today, we are the only company with over 13 years experience and
100% specialization in RoHS, WEEE, REACH and other global PEC Directives.
We provide fully integrated software-and-consulting solutions developed as a result
of our implementation experience with over 200 PEC customers.

PEC Solutions: Reduced Risk. Lower Costs. Competitive Advantage.


"With The GoodBye Chain Group's guidance, we are now shipping our world
class Cray supercomputers in an environmentally responsible, RoHS and
WEEE compliant manner.”

                           --Wayne Kugel, Vice President, Operations, Cray Inc.

 GCG’s Unique Set of PEC Credentials
·         100% specialization in RoHS, WEEE, REACH, Packaging and 
      other PEC requirements
·          Fully integrated software-and-consulting solution
·          Over 10 years experience with customers in the high-tech, medical,
      consumer and other industry sectors
·         A portfolio of “Compliance Alliance” partners

GCG’s Core Competencies
·         Managing toxicity-related requirements using our award-winning
      software solution
·         Registering for e-waste, packaging and battery waste management
·         Implementing Design-for-Environment programs
·         Keeping pace with rapidly-developing “green” industry activities
GCG’s Accomplishments
·         Organized 8 RoHS/Due Diligence workshops for SMTA
·         Co-authored a major report for the National Institute of Standards
      and Technology

·         Only US company to speak at an EU Integrated Product Policy
stakeholder meeting

·         Participation on the IPC 1752 Working Committee for RoHS and 

“GCG’s MDW software provided Mindspeed with a low cost solution that has
greatly simplified our Material Declaration Management process. With MDW,
we can generate 1752 Material Declarations for our customers instantly. This
capability has enabled us to rapidly respond to our customers’ RoHS material
declaration requirements and demands”. 

                          --Cynthia Ong, Program Manager, Mindspeed, Inc.
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